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cOVID-19             17/03/2020

Marches Biogas: Keeping calm and carrying on

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Marches Biogas has assessed the various risks presented both to our staff and the wider community. It is absolutely our intent to carry on “business as usual”, but with a few changes to help prevent the potential spread of the virus amongst our workforce, and reduce the risk of transmission associated with people and organisations who we work with.

The office here at Marches Biogas will remain open, however we will be encouraging staff to work from home where possible. This will just mean that if you ring us up, we may need to call you back rather than transferring directly.

Our engineers will still come to site to carry out service, survey and maintenance works and scheduled engineering works will still be carried out. If our staff visit your site, we will be maintaining appropriate distancing, and observing good hygiene practices. This may mean that we report back to you by phone call or written report rather than discussing at length face to face.

All other work will continue including report writing, design work and assembling proposals. Our 24/7 helpline will stay open and Engineers will remain available to assist with accidents, incidents and emergencies.

If your site has alternative arrangements (for signing in etc.) compared to normal, please ensure that we are made aware of these prior to arrival on site, and we shall be sure to comply with these.

Due to reduced client and supplier meetings and postponement of non-critical training Marches Biogas will be in a position to undertake additional site surveys and studies. If you have any thoughts of how Marches Biogas can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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 PRESS RELEASE          04/03/2020

Marches Biogas is delighted to announce the successful completion of a management buyout.

It's business as usual at Marches Biogas following the recent changes to overall ownership of the business. Key to the recent changes is Russell Mulliner's continued input into the business he proudly created almost 11 years ago. Russell has stepped down as Managing Director and now has the new title of Technical Advisor, a role in reality he has also been undertaking since the inception of Marches Biogas in 2009. Russell has said that "I am extremely proud of Marches Biogas and am delighted to see its future in safe hands. This is a fabulous opportunity for the new management team and the staff, who as part of the transaction all received shares within the new company structure".

Overall ownership of Marches Biogas is now held by the two divisional directors Mark Pugh and Keith Knight, new Company Secretary Gareth York as well as all Marches Biogas members of staff who also now have a share of the business.

The original management team of Russell Mulliner and Phil Dobson, along with the other existing shareholders, have assisted in the funding of the management buyout by deferring payments due as part of the purchase which will be repaid over time.

The existing two operating divisions of Principal Biogas and Evolution Biogas will be amalgamated back into the one original business. To this end the Marches Biogas branding has been refreshed on all Company emails, documentation, merchandise and even the new van fleet. The Marches Biogas website has also been updated to reflect the combined scope of work undertaken by the two operational teams.

If you want to discuss any points of clarity or concerns you may have please don’t hesitate to contact Keith or Mark at Marches Biogas on 03332 079991.